Blip Shaper, Creating Patterns and Shaping Sounds

Monday, November 14th, 2011

In this build I am creating drum patterns and shaping the individual sounds that make up those patterns. In the process of doing this I am also recording the audio to a buffer and tweaking the buffer with cut-up, granular and other effects.

It has been a while since I posted the progress of the Subcycle project so I created a walk-through to get readers caught up on some of the new features. I have shifted to Max For Live on this iteration and began using Eclipse to organize the Processing/Java code. This has taken me a long time to make this transition but should help make it easier to update functionality.

For the drum sounds I have Drumaxx running for synthesized sounds and Battery running for sampled sounds. These are running in parallel so for each voice there is a separate patch running in each VST. The Parameters are modified with the touchscreen independently but in all cases a single touch gesture on the X-Axis will cross fade between the sampled version of the sound and he synthesized version of the sound. I love this because I have have never seen this before and I can never decide which technique I like better. The synthesized drums are more malleable and have more interesting parameters to play with but the sampled sounds seem more substantial. I will post a detailed list of parameters and gestures in the future.

touch interface

Shaping a clap event with a single touch point. Delay effect is applied.

touch interface

Shaping a sub bass event with dual touch controlling pitch and distortion.

touch interface

Adjusting delay on distorted clap with a three fingered gesture.

touch interface

Shaping a bass drum.

touch interface

Navigating the audio buffer of recently recorded events.

I really like the idea of capturing the sampled events into a buffer and applying cut-up effects to that buffer. In the past I have always relied on drum loops for basis of a cut-up technique. This is much cooler because the providence of the sample is completely irrelevant and the result seems more authentic. In my mind this sort of validates this technique.

touch interface

Windowing a granular effect on the buffer.

touch interface

Pulled back view of pattern view and overhead visualization.

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