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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The essence of a new instrument is simply an elegant and effective method for manipulating sound.

In this really early sketch I am trying to find the right gesture for changing the offset and loop duration of a sample. I am finding that this has the potential to be extremely visual. By touching the sound in the area or region that you want to play next it will play from that point. Moving your touch higher on the y-axis increases the rate of the playback. I tried various approaches including the multi-touch zoom technique. These other approaches seemed too disconnected and slow. It may not play immediately because it will always remain on time to a certain extent. It is more or less quantized. This is different than just pulling up an audio editor and setting the loop points on the fly or triggering audio samples should be clear if you have tried these approaches.

multi-touch rhythm navigation (subcycle labs) from christian bannister on Vimeo.

Next steps here are to extend these gestures to include reverse, fast forward, beat slicing and granular synthesis.

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  1. Hello. For years I have been dreaming of this way to use samples and use digital sound. Not being able to has frustrated me and my attempts to learn enough programing to create it has been slow. So far I have discovered and enjoyed using wavosaur and gdt (guitar and drum trainer, useful for independent pitch and speed changing), but these are not multitouch and only have a few functions each that are useful having not been design for performance. I am also aware of the max multitouch framework wave editing functions but have not used it. Perhaps the way these programs work might give you some ideas. Good luck, and thank you for developing this. I have thought a lot about this type of instrument and would love to be able to use it.

  2. Checked out Wavosaur and G.D.T., thanks for the tip. I really like the Wavosaur 3D Spectrum analysis. Really interesting stuff.

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  4. how much is this thing and where can I obtain it?