scrub it, slice it, granular synthesize it

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Pet patch, new features… Way too many features and now the UX is completely messed up. I guess this is a good place to be.

Seriously this project is at the point where I need to start solving some problems. This newest build has multiple modes and it is starting to get a little unwieldy. I am going to be adding many new features and I need to start coming up with more gestural ways to switch modes.

Touch Loop Navigator from christian bannister on Vimeo.

As it stands right now:

  • single touch – loop navigator
  • forward/rewind – two fingers upper half of screen
  • scrub – two fingers upper half of the screen
  • four fingers – granular synthesis
  • first nav toggle – beat slicer
  • second nav toggle – reverse

I am really concentrating on getting all of these features implemented right now. Once everything is available, I can start to explore more musical and gestural ways of controlling things.

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  1. really nice tune as well, regardless of how mind-expandingly cool the technology is.

  2. what you do is so good!!!!!! that is not only a demo but also among the best I have seen/heard in the genre! you kick Autechre`s bottom!

  3. Very Impressive……..any chance to know which part of your setup consists of Reaktor?

  4. @Chris
    In this sketch I am manipulating the sounds entirely with DSP that lives in Max/MSP. I Have not been using Reaktor for the DSP aspect of what I am doing, yet. I will be looking at this in future builds because I will be able to have a larger palette of DSP options running Reaktor as a VST inside of Max. That said… I use Spark a lot right now when I am writing music and I have a ton of other essential Reaktor ensembles that I am really liking.